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April 8, 2024: BahnhofPH Language Training Center has achieved another milestone in its institutional history. We are pleased to announce that we are now an accredited and official ÖSD (Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch) center.

This achievement will be the second official recognition for BahnhofPH Language Training Center as an exam center. This means that we rose to the challenges in the rigorous recognition process and demonstrated that the school met their standards for quality language training and excellence. We are now one of the few ÖSD centers in the Philippines and has joined a family of more than 400 test centers in the world. 

ÖSD is a non-profit organization who creates internationally recognized examinations for the German language as a foreign or second language. They foster the concept of a multi-faceted German language in their exams, hence, the ÖSD language certificate is equally recognized in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

BahnhofPH Language Training Center will continually pursue its commitment for excellence in the preparation of its students for their linguistic journey and examinations as set by the standards of ÖSD. We will continue to be a valuable asset in the global language training community and maintain the standards and expectations set upon us.

Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence 2023

On December 15, 2023, BahnhofPH Language Training Center Inc. has yet again been honored with another accolade Best Comprehensive German Language Training and Examination Center (Philippine-National Award), which was given at the Grand Awards Night of the Golden Globe Annual Awards for Business Excellence and Outstanding Filipino Achievers, which was held at the Manila Hotel Fiesta Pavilion Grand Ballroom.

ALTE 59th Meeting and conference In Rome Italy

On the 8th and 9th of November, BahnhofPH Language Training Center, Inc. excitedly participated in their first ever ALTE Meeting as an associate ALTE member, which was held in Rome, Italy. This was followed by a conference on the 10th of November, which was thematically centered on the ALTE’s commitment to systemic alignment using the CEFR: Integrating learning, teaching, and assessment. 

The ALTE 59th Meeting and conference is an annual gathering for all ALTE members and had a multitude of experts sharing their knowledge and experience to the entire assembly. It was an opportunity for BahnhofPH to have an exchange of know-how and gain important information about the world of language assessment. It was a great honor to take part in such a prestigious event and to have had met brilliant minds among the members of the ALTE.

first ALTE Associate Member in both the Philippines and Southeast Asia

BahnhofPH Language Training Center Inc. is very pleased to announce that after thorough review from the ALTE Board of Trustees (Association of Language Testers in Europe), BahnhofPH Language Training Center Inc. is now the first ALTE Associate Member in both the Philippines and Southeast Asia along side with universities, institutions, organisations, experts, and language training and assessment centers all over the world. 


ALTE is an association of language test providers who work together to promote the fair and accurate assessment of linguistic ability across Europe and beyond. Read more: https://www.alte.org/Our-Associate-Members 


BahnhofPH Language Training Center Inc. will keep on aspiring to meet the high quality standards in language training and assessment, including providing excellent services to our clientele. Furthermore, we will continue to move forward and strive to cultivate a sense of community not just within the Philippines but also globally. 


We are serious in our commitment to lay the railway to set a course to many life defining opportunities as one makes their way to any German-speaking country.

Philippine Finest Business Awards 2023

On September 28, 2023, BahnhofPH Language Training Center Inc. was recognized as the Most Trusted High Quality German Language Training Center by the 2023 Philippine Finest Business Awards at The Hexagon Events Place. 

We are committed to upholding high-quality international standards in German language training and assessment. We will continue to provide excellent services to our clientele. 

Legacy Awards 2023

On August 26, 2023, BahnhofPH Language Training Center Inc. was given two awards during the Legacy Awards Gala Event that was held at the Grand Ballroom of Okada Manila. The school was represented by the CEO, Mrs. Kathleen Orillo and its language director, Mrs. Aida Ishenalieva. The first accolade the school received was the Championing Philanthropic Leadership in German Language Training Award followed shortly by the Outstanding German Language Training and Examination Center Award. BahnhofPH Language Training Center Inc. expresses its great gratitude for being selected as the recipients among many candidates for such prestigious awards. The school has been given a renewed fervour to leave a legacy  of philanthropy, excellence, innovation and development in language training.

DLT Philippinische Deutschlehrertagung 2023 conference

BahnhofPH Language Training Center Inc. attended the Conference “DLT 2023 Back to the Future – Teaching German after the Pandemic” last May 12-13, 2023 at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, in Quezon City.

Our team is very grateful to be part of the conference and was able to meet other representatives from different institution. 

Our President/CEO Ms. Kathleen Fay Orillo together with our Language Director Ms. Aida Ishenalieva had the opportunity to expand our network with other established institutions and German language specialists for future cooperations and collaborations.

Also in attendance: our telc Examination Manager, Mr. Gie Jon Quiap and our Language Course Coordinator, Ms. Leah Allosada.


April 26, 2023: the ALTE international conference started off in Madrid, Spain. Delegates from all over the world attended this conference to discuss effective language test methodologies, representation, diversity, inclusivity and addressing issues and trends affecting the world of language learning and testing. On this prestigious day, Mr. Jobert Tapia our Chief Operating Officer, was the lone representative from the Philippines and Southeast Asia.  The conference lasted until the 29th of April and during this time Mr. Tapia interacted with the many representatives from different language institutions forging professional networks, participating in discussions, exchanging viewpoints and leaving an indelible mark in the delegation.


April 12, 2023: 
BahnhofPH heartily welcomes our first intern from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Ms. Maria Christina Aseron. BahnhofPH supports the University’s Internship Programs which is designed to supplement the learnings and to train students to become competitive and technologically innovative professionals through actual exposure to a professional workplace. We aim to nurture and inspire young minds to be well-rounded and to aid them in setting a railway path towards their future professional goals and successes.


DECEMBER 15, 2022: 
After weeks of meticulous planning and dry runs with our team, BahnhofPH is now making school history by conducting its very first telc examination .


December 1, 2022: BahnhofPH welcomed two special guests from telc Germany, Ms. Elizabeth Stemler and Ms. Maria Duhan. Their visit marks the forging of a strong professional relationship between telc and BahnhofPH.

TELC ACCredited examination center

OCTOBER 15, 2022: 
BahnhofPH Language Training Center is proud and pleased to announce that our school has been recently accredited by The European Language Certificates (telc).

This milestone accomplishment is an official recognition that BahnhofPH Language Training Center demonstrated, met the rigorous standards established by telc for quality language training and is committed to pursuing excellence. BahnhofPH Language Training Center is now one of the few telc center in the Philippines who is joining a family of more than 3000 test centres worldwide.

This decision represents a high level of accreditation that can be given to a language institute and shows our school’s substantial conformance to the telc standards. A language institute receiving this accreditation is considered competent in preparing their students for language proficiency and examinations and are able to conduct official standardised telc examinations. Furthermore, this telc licence elevates BahnhofPH Language Training Center to a higher standard of teaching; an acknowledgement of excellence in language. This also means that our core values has now integrated the philosophy and standards of telc. 

telc is an international provider of language certificates in more than 30 countries. These certificates are accepted in many parts of the world and are a gateway to many work and living opportunities in this globalised world. telc drives innovation in teaching language and ensures excellence and quality in their services together with their licenses partners all over the world.

We are proud to have met the challenge of accreditation and intend to consistently uphold the principles of excellence and quality established by telc. We believe to be a valuable asset in the language training community we serve and are all the more valuable because of our telc accreditation.


Site Audit by Telc Germany

August 17, 2022: 

BahnhofPH Language Training Center welcomes Ms. Viola Stübner, representative of telc Germany, to conduct the final stage of telc accreditation - site inspection. 

From left to right: 
Mr. Jobert Tapia, Chief Operating Officer
Ms. Kathleen Fay Orillo, President/ CEO
Ms. Viola Stübner, Telc Representative
Mr. Sergei Bien Orillo, Chairman

Ms. Viola Stübner together with our Language Department Team, headed by 
Ms. Ana Margarita Laue, Language Director

OUR Student E-Learning Portal

August 24, 2020: BahnhofPH Language Training Center is proud to announce that there is a recent development on our online learning services. Due to the current world crisis, the management of BahnhofPH did not cease to just settle for an online classroom. We have developed a more powerful tool to efficiently deliver our courses online. Aside from our online classroom, which allow the students to interact with their teacher face-to-face through video conferencing, the students will now have access to web-based learning. 


BahnhofPH introduces our “Student E-Learning Portal”. Our E-Learning is utilizing electronic technologies to allow our students to have access to their courses outside of the traditional face-to-face classroom or video conference at their convenience. Students can now learn and practice more what was discussed in their classroom. They will also have a chance to leave messages to their teachers regarding topics/ lessons which needs further explanation. On the other hand, the teacher will have the chance to provide additional inputs/ lessons, measure the learnings through examinations or quizzes and record the progress of his/her students through the e-learning portal. Our E-learning will enable our teachers to tap into this realm of constant learning through multimedia, video, chat, and interactivity.


BahnhofPH believes that through the combination of face-to-face online classroom and the Student E-Learning Portal, learning German will never be too hard!



June 15, 2020: Our German B2 course is now being instructed online. We ensure that B2 students at this level will learn the German language through our competent native German speaker. 


March 2020: Due to the need to adjust to the "NEW NORMAL", BahnhofPH Language Training Center has opened its doors for the students into the online world. Until we are allowed to open our classrooms, we will continue to provide our quality services online. 


February 25, 2020 marks the day of welcoming the 1st batch of nurses under Sunway International Manpower Services, Inc. to BahnhofPH Language Training Center. A day of new faces, fresh minds, renewed spirits and a hunger to learn. This is the vital first step in reaching their goal, Germany. Good luck students and let today be the start of something new.


On the 14th of February 2020, we have asked for the blessing from the Lord to guide us in this journey towards changing the lives of our fellow Filipinos; that in these four corners of BahnhofPH Language Training Center, we will uphold our values and beliefs to reach our mission and vision; and ultimately offer up our success to Him.