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The importance of sharing knowledge and continuous learning in the modern world cannot be overstated. Although information can be found in the internet with a click of a button, such knowledge are usually fragmented and often unverified. BahnhofPH Language Training Center, Inc. is taking an initiative to demonstrate our commitment to the community by sharing expertise and experience, promoting thought leadership, opening a venue for dialog, fostering cultural appreciation like that of Germany, and creating a positive impact to the global community. Our company is delighted to share free online seminars about many topics related to Germany who will be spearheaded by our knowledgable and seasoned speakers. By offering valuable insights through our guests, attendees can expect a participative platform for collaboration in which they can obtain advice, expand their network, gain inspiration, expose themselves to diverse perspectives, enhance their professional development, and access to exclusive and first-hand information from our adept speakers. BahnhofPH Language Training Center Inc. is conducting these free online seminars because we endeavour that our participants will be able to enrich their personal and professional lives in order to open doors to new opportunities and to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving world.


Ms. Janette Willms
Financial Consultant


  1. Know what you deserve to earn – Salary grading system.
  2. Where to buy grocery wisely?
  3. How to inexpensively remit money to the Philippines?
  4. How does health insurance work in Germany?
  5. What you need to know about Banks in Germany?
  6. What is budget friendly mode of transportation in Germany?
  7. Know your income tax.
  8. Benefits you can get from the government.


Mr. Emil Pepito
Graduate of Geriatric-Psychiatric Nursing
Evangelisches Pflegeakademie in München


  1. License recognition process for nurses. 
  2. How to survive your 1st day at work.
  3. Tips in adjusting on the first day of work.
  4. Experiences on working with Europeans.
  5. Difference between nursing work in the Philippines and Germany.
  6. Benefits of working as a nurse in Germany.
  7. Work-Life Balance in Germany.


Ms. Ruby Abanto

Graduate of Master of Science in Nursing
Major in Research
University of Basel, Switzerland
Cum Laude


  1. The Future of Nursing in Germany.
  2. Benner's Theory of Novice to Expert.
  3. Professional Goals for Nurses.
  4. Why Choose a Nursing Career in Germany.


Ms. Sherryl Faustino-Gorgan

German C2 Level Certified


  1. CEFR German Language Levels
  2. The Professional Benefits of Learning German Language
  3. Der, Das, and Die
  4. Tips on Learning the German Language
  5. How to Ace the German Language Examination?

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We are excited to get to know you and/ your company. We would like to invite you to visit us. It will be a great opportunity for you to: 

  1. Meet our team.
  2. Learn about our courses and services.
  3. Familiarize with our facilities.
  4. Find out about important events and happenings.
  5. Raise any concerns.

We are looking forward to meet and to welcome you.



Are you a passionate German Language Teacher looking to advance your career and make a global impact on language learners worldwide?

BahnhofPH, in coordination with telc Germany GmbH, offers a comprehensive training program designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a licensed examiner and rater for telc language proficiency exams, led by experienced trainers from telc.

Why Choose telc Licensing Training?

  • Partnering with telc: Our training is conducted in collaboration with telc, a reputable organization offering internationally recognized language certification exams.
  • Expert Facilitators: Benefit from the expertise of trainers from telc who will guide you through the intricacies of exam criteria, formats, and procedures for assessing language proficiency.
  • Follow Industry Standards: You will learn how to conduct listening, reading, writing, and speaking tests following telc's guidelines, ensuring fair and accurate evaluations of language skills.
  • Internationally Recognized License: Upon successful completion, you will receive a valuable telc examiner and/or rater license, valid for 3 years, with options for renewal.
  • Global Opportunities: Unlock a world of possibilities as you gain the ability to conduct language proficiency exams professionally, opening doors to collaborate with language schools, educational institutions, or language testing centers worldwide.

telc licensing requirements:

  • A minimum of 450 hours of teaching experience at the level you are applying as a telc examiner.
  • A minimum of C1 level of language proficiency.

Following telc licensing trainings are available:

Prüferqualifizierung Deutsch A1-A2
Prüferqualifizierung Deutsch B1-B2
Bewerterqualifizierung Deutsch A1-B2
Bewerterqualifizierung Medizin/Pflege

Join the transformative telc licensing training program and empower yourself for a successful future! 


We are accepting interns and we support internship programs from colleges and universities which are designed to provide practical learnings and to train college students to become competitive professionals through actual exposure to a professional workplace. We aim to nurture and inspire young minds to be well-rounded and to aid them in setting a railway path towards their future professional goals and successes.