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Founded on February 14, 2020, BahnhofPH specializes in German language education, and has licenses/ accreditations for both TELC and ÖSD examinations to certify German language proficiency.

BahnhofPH is the first ALTE Associate Member in both the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

The name BAHNHOF is a German word for train station. 
We lay the railway to set a course to many life defining opportunities as one makes their way to any German-speaking country. We ensure that the students will be led on the correct track in learning the German language and uphold the platform of quality standards in learning it. 


We lay the railway to set a course to many life defining opportunities 
as one makes their way to any German-speaking country.

WE Offer Courses for the following levels

Deutsch A1

Breakthrough or beginner

Learn how to make simple enquiries in speaking and writing, and to give instructions. Build basic grammar skills and increase vocabulary.

Deutsch A2

Waystage or elementary

Learn how to express oneself adequately in familiar, everyday situations and to read and understand simple texts.

Deutsch B1

Threshold or intermediate

Consolidate and revise basic grammar structures and learn to lead discussions on interesting topics.

Deutsch B2

Upper intermediate

Have a command of the essentials of German. Practice reading, writing and discussing difficult topics and work-related issues.

Deutsch PFlege B1/B2

Intermediate to Upper intermediate

Have a command of the essentials of German in the field of nursing and geriatric care. Acquire linguistic competencies to prepare for everyday working life and for recognition in any German-speaking country.

This course prepares you for the utilization of the German langauge in the sphere of the nursing profession, especially alongside daily nursing work. It will provide you with the necessary language skills to effectively communicate and interact with patients and their significant others, other members of the healthcare team like fellow nurses and doctors, and other professional groups.

You will also be exposed to nursing-focused content for language comprehension, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

Finally, this course is designed to correspond to common daily nursing situations like hygiene, monitoring, documentation, etc. This is customized to certain requirements in various healthcare settings like hospitals, care facilities and many others in order to promote the appreciation of the many unique aspects of the European health care system.


Our web-based learning will enable our students and teachers to tap into this realm of constant learning through multimedia, video, chat, and interactivity outside of the traditional face-to-face classroom or video conference at their convenience.


BahnhofPH Language Training Center INC.

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